What is tattoo removal laser treatment?

Every one of us has done something at some point in our lives where we regret it at this present moment. If your issue is removing an unwanted tattoo, vanish can help you achieve your goal with our modern technology of Picosure device. Any type of tattoos with different colors of green, red or black with any sizes or designs can be erased with just a few sessions. The pulse laser light of Picosure penetrates through the epidermis and dermis layer of the skin affecting only the tattoo dye. Once the ink absorbs the light, it transfers it into another form of energy such as heat, which in turn breaks down the tattoo particles into smaller pigments without minimal damage to the surrounding area. This tattoo removal treatment is ideal for all skin types of 1-6.

How long is the downtime for tattoo removal laser treatment?

At Vanish, our Picosure tattoo removal laser device has minimal downtime with a little redness that would last up to maximum 24 hours. Depending on the skin’s texture, this treatment can have zero downtime. Our aestheticians will suggest you how many treatments you need after the completion of each session depending on certain conditions such the depth of penetration of the tattoo, whether it is old or new, the color of ink used and other skin factors.

What are the advantages of the Picosure laser treatment?

Increased efficiency: Each pigment removal session with Picosure is more effective, therefore, the total treatment time is shorter.

Optimal for all colors: The two wavelengths available to Picosure, 755 nm and 532 nm, effectively eliminate all colors:

The brown spots on the skin produced by the sun.

The different shades of black.

Tattoos of any color, even those that have been classically harder to remove, such as green, turquoise blue, orange or yellow.

Safe for the skin: The ultra-short Picosure pulse acts on the pigments without affecting the surrounding tissues.

Effective in small particles: Tattoos that have already been treated with other lasers may have small particles that are easily destructible with the PS laser.