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Bio Microneedling​

Bio Microneedling

Introducing Bio Microneedling, the cutting-edge advancement in skincare technology harnessing the power of bio-microneedles extracted from freshwater sponges (Spongilla Spicules). This innovative procedure is revolutionizing microneedling by offering a safe and effective solution suitable for all skin types, including delicate facial skin.


During the treatment, approximately 3,000,000 bio-needles are gently massaged into the dermis over a 5-minute period. These bio-needles work beneath the skin’s surface, activating circulation, unclogging

pores, expediting skin metabolism, and facilitating exfoliation. Remarkably, Bio Microneedling

accelerates the skin’s natural renewal cycle from the standard 28 days to just one week.


One of the standout features of Bio Microneedling is its potent antibacterial properties. As the bio-microneedles permeate the skin, they attract and annihilate bacteria, leading to a thorough cleansing that reduces inflammation and irritation. Additionally, the mechanical exfoliation action brightens the skin, and diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and scars, while also firming and lifting facial tissue.


By stimulating the dermis and promoting collagen proliferation, Bio Microneedling leverages the skin’s innate healing mechanisms to deliver long-lasting results. This holistic approach to skincare not only enhances the skin’s appearance but also supports its overall health and vitality.


Experience the transformative benefits of Bio Microneedling and unlock a radiant, youthful complexion that radiates confidence and beauty.

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