What is Mesotherapy and how is it done?

Mesotherapy is a series of injections into the middle layer of the skin (mesoderm) and injecting ingredients such as amino acids, Vitamin B and minerals. It could be targeted to the face, neck, leg, hand, abdomen or even the sculp with its own purposes. Different aspects of mesotherapy include tightening the skin by enhancing collagen and elastin production, reducing specific fat pockets such as cellulites, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and last but not least, it is used to treat hair loss by balancing the hormones and improving blood circulation.

Why should you choose us for mesotherapy treatment?

At vanish cosmetic clinic, we have an experienced doctor that will be consulting you for free and suggesting you a suitable treatment with required units of mesotherapy. The products and needles of our mesotherapy treatment is all in the highest quality found in Toronto with the most affordable price, with minimal downtime and discomfort.

What is Mesotherapy Used for:

1) Body Mesotherapy:

To reduce that localized fat that costs so much to eliminate. No need to go through the operating room, no allergic reactions and no side effects.

Mesotherapy for the treatment of cellulite is based on the infiltration under the skin of lipolytic and firming substances that will help the body to break up fatty deposits and improve connective tissue, causing a reduction in volume.

2) Mesotherapy + Pressotherapy:

The combination of Mesotherapy – cutaneous infiltration of lipolytic substances to undo fat – + Pressotherapy – use of air pressure for lymphatic drainage – has become the most natural and effective treatment to improve circulation, fight cellulite, eliminate fat and reaffirm the skin.

Mesotherapy, 100% painless and with the infiltration of 100% natural products, reduces localized fat, improves connective tissue and acts in areas where cellulite most accumulates such as thighs, buttocks, holsters or internal face of the knees. Together with the Pressotherapy, 100% natural and that eliminates fluid retention, improves capillary circulation, reduces varicose veins, eliminates cellulite by reducing fats and toxins and shapes the shape of the legs, this joint treatment of Mesotherapy + Pressotherapy is the best solution.

3) Hair Mesotherapy:

For its part, hair mesotherapy treatment is the best prevention against baldness , it is the simplest and most effective method . And it is that with capillary mesotherapy it has been possible to reduce the cost and time of baldness treatments.

These are microinjections in the scalp, 100% painless, of natural substances that block the hormonal action of androgens that can cause baldness, keeping the hair follicle intact and paralyzing the possible loss of hair.

It is a 100% painless technique that strengthens the quality and texture of the hair, stimulates its growth and stops its fall.