Wrinkles and fine lines reductions

What is wrinkles and fine lines reductions using laser treatment?

Why Wrinkles and fine lines reductions?

Age is a natural process that everyone goes through resulting in a saggy skin filled with lots of wrinkles and fine lines. Our most advanced laser technology devices of Venus Viva and Picosure reduces the appearance of aging skin. At Vanish, Venus Viva needle tip penetrates the skin while delivering heat. This creates wounds, which the body’s immune system works to heal it naturally. On the other hand, our Picosure wrinkle reduction treatment uses laser pulses to synthesize more collagen to repair signs of skin damage which results in smoother, firmer skin that looks noticeably more youthful.

How long is the downtime for Laser reduction of wrinkles and fine lines treatment?

At Vanish, there is no downtime for your wrinkles and fine lines reduction laser treatment with a slight discomfort. Any redness observed after the treatment will disappear within the next few hours. Our aestheticians will observe your wrinkles and will estimate the number of treatments you need (for an optimal result, 6 treatments are suggested).

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