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What are the benefits of facial cleansing?

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What are the benefits of facial cleansing?

Advantages and benefits of deep facial cleansing

Although we remove makeup and clean the skin twice a day, both in the morning and at night, there is always accumulated residue and the dermis may not completely oxygenate and, therefore, it takes more work to renew. For all this, it is so important to subject the facial skin to a deep professional cleaning once a month to show off a radiant and much younger complexion. So you can convince yourself of the effectiveness of this treatment, in the following lines we detail what are the main benefits of facial cleansing:

● All dead skin cells are removed and deeply accumulated impurities are removed.

● It allows the skin to oxygenate from the inside, so it breathes properly again and the process of cellular regeneration that takes place at night is carried out successfully.

● It completely unclogs pores, decongests them and also reduces their size, so they will be much less visible on the face and blackheads and acne are removed.

● It balances the pH of the skin and fights the effects of external pollutants on the skin, which can lead to the appearance of multiple problems such as excess fat, facial shine, acne, dryness, tightness, redness, etc.

● It delays aging , prevents the appearance of wrinkles and the result is a much brighter, smoother and silky skin.

● Increases skin hydration and cosmetics or treatments applied after they are absorbed much better.

● Fights and reduces the signs of fatigue and tiredness on the face.

● Blood circulation in the area is activated and facial muscles are toned.

What is a professional facial cleansing?

As we have pointed out in the previous section, the ideal would be to go to an aesthetic center and have a professional facial cleansing once a month, although it should be taken into account that the frequency of this treatment can vary depending on the type of skin. For example, those women with acne or very oily skin may need it once every 15 days or even once a week, in any case it is best to be advised by an expert or specialist.

A professional facial cleansing can last approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour and a half and although each beauty center can offer an adapted version, the common treatment consists of performing the following steps:

● Facial cleansing : removes makeup and disinfects the face and neck by applying products that superficially cleanse the face. With steam, the pores open and with special products all impurities are removed. These products are chosen according to each type of skin (dry, oily, mixed, etc.).

● Massage: a toning and relaxing massage is applied by applying gels or creams to close the pores and decongest the dermis.

● Hydration and nutrition: the skin is hydrated by a face mask and a cream is applied to protect the face, in addition to a sunscreen.

If desired, professional facial cleansing may include other treatments such as scrubs, application of glycolic acid, more special products, etc.
How to do a deep facial cleansing at home

If you do not have time to go to an aesthetic center or want to save yourself that little money, you can also do your own facial cleansing at home to show off an equally beautiful, bright and young skin. To do this, you will have to follow the steps that we show you below and use the products that best suit your skin's needs, take note:

● Wash your face with cold water and remove all waste with a facial cleanser suitable for your skin type. Discover which one is ideal for you by consulting the article How to choose a facial cleanser .

● Get a gentle massage with the fingertips on areas of the face such as the forehead, chin, eyebrows and neck to relax all muscles.

● Apply an exfoliating lotion to remove dead cells by circular movements.

● Make sprays to open all pores. To do this, place a pot with hot water previously boiled on a hard surface. Cover your head with a towel and bring your face close to the pot so that you notice that all the hot steam permeates your face, stay in this position for at least about 10 minutes.

● After that time, apply a tonic to close the pores and refresh the skin.

● Finally, apply your usual moisturizer.

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