What is a vascular laser treatment and How does this treatment work?

If you have any wanted spider or baby veins anywhere on your body, Vanish Cosmetic Clinic offers the best laser treatment for you using our Cynosure device. As mentioned, this device is great for hair removal with the addition of specific wavelength and hand-pieces for treatment of dilated small blood vessels and diffusing any redness in the targeted area. The energy emitted from ND:YAG laser heats and destroys blood vessels without causing any damage to the surrounding skin. Preventing the progression of the underlying disease process can be taken into action by treating it in the early stages.

How long is the downtime for vascular laser treatment?

At vanish, our cynosure vascular laser device has minimal downtime with no redness or bruising. Our aestheticians will suggest you how many treatments you need based on the thickness of the blood vessels and your skin color. More treatments of 3-6 sessions are required for achieving the optimal result.

When is it recommended?

It is used primarily for:

● Improve the aesthetic appearance of the legs.

● Prevent the appearance of new vascular spiders.

● Treat spider veins.

● Improve pain and heaviness of legs.

● Avoid pigmentation of the skin due to circulatory deficit.

Photo-sclerosis is a treatment that has multiple benefits:

● The use of laser reduces the total treatment time and minimizes the occurrence of possible adverse effects.

● It is a minimally invasive treatment.

● In a few sessions it achieves the gradual reduction of spider veins.

● No rest is necessary after treatment.

Benefits of treating varicose veins with laser

1) Laser therapy is performed without the need for anesthesia, without hospitalization and outpatient clinic.

2) Painless method, bleeding etc.

3) No cuts and sutures in the legs

4) No need to rest and leave work with very short recovery and recovery

5) Possibility to be present at work from the day after varicose laser day

6) Varicose veins are a low cost and complementary medical insurance cover.

7) The emergence of brilliant and satisfying treatment outcomes for patients shortly after varicose veins.

8) Simple post-operative care for busy people

9)High laser success rate and rare chance of side effects