Stretch Marks

What is stretch marks removal laser treatment?

Stretch marks are very common both in men and women and the very known cause of it is the rapid stretching of the skin due to different factors of size fluctuations, puberty and pregnancy leaving behind a wrinkly and white appearance after a certain amount of time. At Vanish, our Picosure device is designed to have another incredible usage of removing these unwanted stretch marks. Emitting rapid laser beams into the loose and saggy skin promotes the release of certain proteins which enhances elastin and collagen production. In conclusion, your skin will be more firmed and more elastic while the appearance of stretch marks will be diminished anywhere on your body.

How long is the downtime for stretch marks removal laser treatment?

At Vanish, there is no downtime for your stretch marks removal laser treatments with a slight discomfort. Any redness observed after the treatment will disappear within the next few hours. Our aestheticians will observe your stretch marks and will estimate the number of treatments you need (for an optimal result 5-6 treatments are recommended).

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