What is skin rejuvenation laser treatment?
At Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, our cynosure laser treatment device has other features including skin rejuvenation to even out skin texture, and remove fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet and any red or ruddy complexion for all skin types of 1-6. It is recommended to not use the cooling system installed to a skin rejuvenation laser treatment with no gel applied on top of the skin. However, if gel is used, cooling system needs to be applied to the device. Preventing the progression of the underlying disease process can be taken into action by treating it in the early stages. Cynosure’s advanced technology helps people feel great with their skin and be more beautiful than they were prior to the available treatments.
How long is the downtime for skin rejuvenation laser treatment?
At vanish, our cynosure skin rejuvenation laser device has minimal downtime with no redness or bruising. Our aestheticians will suggest you how many treatments you need based on the amount of fine line and wrinkles and how uneven your skin texture is due to the process of aging. More treatments of 5-6 sessions are required for achieving the optimal result.

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