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December 9, 2019
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Skin Luminosity After Christmas

Skin Luminosity After Christmas

One more year we have survived Christmas and its excesses. But now the time has come to deal with the side effects of so much party, so much stress and so many celebrations.

Christmas is a period that manages to break with all the healthy routines that we try to maintain throughout the year. For this reason, it is very wise to also make an exceptional post-Christmas, but in the opposite direction. Christmas excesses not only take a toll on our figure, they also affect our skin, so we propose a plan to recover the health and luminosity of our face and the whole body.


Christmas is associated with an excess of lunch and dinner: unhealthy food, with too many sweets and salt that inevitably affect the health of our skin. Sugars and fats increase sebaceous secretions and worsen acne skins. Excess salt results in fluid retention and eye bags.

Tobacco and alcohol: with so many celebrations we usually smoke and drink more. What translates into premature aging of the skin.

Stress: purchases, commitments, dates indicated one after another that leave us little time to take care of ourselves and nothing to recover. All together ends up causing an imbalance that affects our skin.

Makeup. The numerous commitments and celebrations of these holidays surely have also made us make up more. It is important to keep in mind that although we are celebrating we should not neglect the daily routines of skin hygiene. We recommend Soivre Micellar Water, enriched with Panthenol and hyaluronic acid to maintain hydration and purify the facial skin.

Break. Lack of sleep makes night renovation so necessary for our body difficult. It shows on the face, with lack of luminosity and low vitality.


To recover we have two important missions: On the one hand eliminate the accumulated toxins, on the other hand provide the vitamins and minerals that our skin needs.


The best we can do is eliminate excess toxins through a diet rich in vitamins and balanced, essential for the skin to recover the nutrients it needs to look healthy and radiant. With a diet based on fruits and vegetables we will get rid of excess toxins. To help our body it is advisable to exercise, recover pilates classes, yoga or any other physical activity that brings us well-being.

Another basic pillar to eliminate the remaining toxins is to have good hydration, basically drink water and tea.


In addition to a diet rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, we have at our disposal a whole series of products that will help us nourish and restore the vitality of our skin.

Now more than ever, it is important that we use products free of irritating substances for our skin: without alcohol, without cortisone, without parabens. For this reason we recommend the use of Panthenol 6% Intensive Facial Repairing Cream. A cream rich in omegas and natural active ingredients that nourish intensely: panthenol, aloe vera, dry olive oil, marigold extract ... It also protects the skin against sudden changes in temperature.

For a spectacular recovery of the skin, we can combine vitamin C with vitamin E. Vitamin C cream from Soivre also contains vitamin E and A.

Vitamin C improves skin texture and tissue repair. It is a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and contributes to the regeneration of the skin. In addition, Vitamin C helps us prevent skin aging and mitigate other problems such as the appearance of spots.

Vitamin E is a jewel for the skin: it regenerates and detoxifies, cleanses and tones. Vitamin A helps us keep skin soft, young and healthy.

One of the most delicate areas of the face and the first that shows both signs of aging and the excesses of Christmas parties is the area around the eyes. To recover the vitality in this area you will need a product that reduces the signs of fatigue and provides extra hydration. If you have not used any specific eye contour product so far, the time has come to try it. In Soivre we offer you two options: the Eye contour gel and the Roll-on bags and dark circles, both stimulate the cellular vitality and skin elasticity of the area.

Finally, a perfect ally to recover facial skin after Christmas excesses are serums. They will help us to rehydrate and nourish the skin. Its effectiveness is due to the high concentration of assets and its special formulation that makes the ingredients reach the deepest layers of the skin. You have to apply them just after cleaning the skin to promote the penetration of the assets. In Soivre we have created the Radiance Expert facial serum to offer you an intensive treatment that will leave your skin radiant, vital and healthy.

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