RF Diamond Polar for Contouring and Tightening

Diamond Polar Skin Tightening

RF Diamond Polar is a great treatment that is used to help sculpt, contour and tighten certain areas. It can be used to help decreases and minimize certain areas that may hold stubborn fat that is hard to remove even with the use of exercise and diet. There are numerous factors as to why someone may choose to use RF Diamond Polar to remove stubborn fat as it may be caused through genetics, postpartum, unhealthy lifestyle, or by a medical condition. With the use of improved technology, we are able to target certain areas that other solutions may not help with by the use of this machine to not only decrease or minimize volume, but also to help contour, smoothen out and tighten the area.

RF Diamond Polar is a non-invasive procedure that is used to tighten, contour, and smoothen out the skin. It can also be used with the use of thermal effect to improve production of collagen, in which helps to plump the skin more. It uses a combination of radio frequency and pulsed electromagnetic field to treat areas with unwanted volume, as well as to contour and tighten those areas. The radio frequency uses energy and thermal heating In which is it distributed to different layers of the skin which, which allows a safe build-up of heat. The specialist is able to control the amount of heat as everyone requires different temperatures due to different factors such as volume, skin type, sensitivity etc. The RF stimulates fibroblasts which is a cell that is important for wound healing, while the pulse electromagnetic fields helps to increases collagen production.

This treatment is a soothing treatment as it is similar to a hot stone being massaged on the area. During the treatment, the specialist will clean the area to remove any creams or makeup on the area they may affects the treatment. A clear cream is then applied onto the area in order to have a barrier between the machine and skin. The specialist will choose the specific temperature to sue as everyone is different and some may find it too hot than others. Each area may be treated between 10-30 minutes depending on the area and how large the surface area is.

This machine can be used on almost all areas such as legs, arms, cheeks, back, thighs, as well as lower abdomen. It is a great tool to use for areas that are stubborn. People that may have a medical condition or after pregnancy are great candidates for this machine.

The number of treatments depend on numerous factors depending on the client’s needs. On average, it takes between 6-8 sessions in order to see visible results. This treatment is a great treatment but does require patience.