Pigment Removal

What is pigment removal laser treatment?

If you are struggling with any of your dark spots, freckles, melasma or any pigmentation due to sun damage or other factors, our 2 cynosure and Picosure devices can assist you with having a pigment-free skin by targeting melanocyte cells that produce melanin pigments in your body. Our pigment removal laser treatment uses 3 different wavelengths suitable for all skin types of 1-6 with a minimal thermal damage due to the surrounding area. Preventing the progression of the underlying disease process can be taken into action by treating it in the early stages.

How long is the downtime for pigment removal laser treatment?

At Vanish, our Picosure and Cynosure pigment removal laser devices have minimal downtime with a little redness that would last up to maximum 24 hours. Depending on the skin’s texture, this treatment can have zero downtime. Our aestheticians will suggest you how many treatments you need based on your skin condition. More treatments of 4 to 5 sessions are required for achieving the optimal result.

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