Micro-needling Vs. Fractional RF

what is the difference between Micro-needling and Fractional RF skin resurfacing?

What is Micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a treatment where you can reduce fine lines and allows elastin and collagen to be produced by using “micro-injuries” to the skin with tiny, fine needles. It can also improve several issues on the body, for example healing traumatic scars, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, and stretch marks and also improves skin texture, tone and color. It can be applied to several sections of the body like the face, arms, abdomen, neck, legs, back and décolleté.This treatment creates micro channels on the skin which allows gels, creams and serums to be absorbed in the skin more effectively and allow for it to reach deeper layers of skin tissue.

This results in the skin being fresher and creating a thicker epidermis and a more softer appearance on wrinkles that are presented on the body.

Micro-needling is also affordable, effective and safe for all types of skin types and provides a natural result with minimal downtime and discomfort compared to other treatments.

What is the treatment process of micro-needling?

Every treatment has a special process that needs to be done. In micro-needling, this treatment also has its own special treatment. Initially, when you get to the clinic, an anesthetic cream is applied on the targeted area, then there is a 30-minute wait time so that the cream has taken effect and after that 30 minutes your clinic will provide you with a complete cleanse before the producer is started. Then a sterile 12 mini needle is attached to the Microneedle pen, and the pen is pressed on your skin and goes through the treatment area a few times gently, this process usually takes about 30-40 minutes depending on the treatment area and how large the area is. This treatment might not be painful with the anesthetic cream, however, be sure to expect a sandpaper-like feeling on the skin when the treatment is applied.

It usually needs about several sessions spaced over 4 weeks for the best results. This treatment can last for about 3-6 months and the skin continues to produce an increased amount of collagen for you.

What is the recovery period for micro-needling and what should you do to make it more comfortable?

Recovery time is extremely important when choosing a treatment since sometimes the recovery time might not accommodate your schedule and prevent you from doing your work. After your appointment you might notice redness on the skin with a marking similar to a brush on the treatment area, however, it will go away. In the first 12 hours, keep away from using any skincare and makeup products to keep the area as clean as possible. After 12 hours, you can continue to use any type of product on the skin. However, it is known that in most patients the skin will be red for two to four days after the treatment, however, that also depends on the patient’s skin itself. It can also be painful and lead to infections since there are opening on the skin.   

During the first week of recovery, there are certain things that one could do to allow the recovery to go much more smoothly. You should avoid sun exposure, using excessive makeup and skincare with alpha-hydroxy acids and retinol. You can help your skin easier by using cooling masks, staying hydrated, using an antioxidant serum and using collagen-stimulating peptides.

What is Fractional RF skin resurfacing?

Fractional Radiofrequency skin resurfacing is a treatment without any surgical process that allows fixing and rejuvenating damaged skin to bring back more youthful and glowing skin. The device sends in small sparks through the surface of the skin which makes small wounds on the skin and initiates a healing process that makes new and healthy tissue. The new healthy tissue allows for an improved skin texture and tone with fewer fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars. This treatment is much less painful and has less downtime compared to the more traditional ways like laser resurfacing treatments.

This treatment can help with wrinkles, stretch marks, acne scars, uneven skin texture and pigmentations to create much smoother, healthier skin. It can treat any of the undesirable imperfections in your skin either on your face or body without any surgery or a lengthy recovery time. At the Vanish Cosmetic clinic, Fractional Radiofrequency skin resurfacing can provide you with the beautiful and youthful skin that you deserve.

How is the recovery after each session and what is it like after a Fractional RF skin resurfacing treatment like?

Recovery is also a very important aspect of any treatment regarding any form of procedure. For any type of resurfacing treatment, usually, there is an extreme amount of difficulty after the treatment. However, in Fractional Radio frequency skin resurfacing treatment, the recovery is extremely smooth and much more comfortable than any other resurfacing treatment.  After the treatment session, your skin will be red and during the next twenty hours, your skin can have mild swelling and some discomfort. However, if the treatment was more aggressive your skin can be flaking and redness for up to five days. You can resume your regular skincare and makeup routine twenty-four hours after the session. However, it is highly recommended that you avoid sun exposure during the whole healing period which is 24 hours after the session.


What is the difference between micro-needling and RF fractional skin resurfacing?

There are always differences between treatments that allow convenient patients to change their minds and there are always factors that factor into that decision. In micro-needling and RF fractional skin resurfacing, the goal is the same: it’s for the patient to achieve skin with reduced amounts of wrinkles and other imperfections on their skin. However, the main difference between their two treatments is the downtime and the amount of time that is needed to recover from the treatment. In micro-needling, your night needs about weeks to recover from the pain and there are risks of infection, while in RF fractional you can completely recover in 24 hours with no black leash of infections whatsoever. Micro-needling is also known to be more painful, while RF fractional is one of the least painful procedures for skin resurfacing that is available.

At Vanish Cosmetic clinic, we have licensed professionals that can provide you with consultations that can provide you with the exact treatment that is the most suitable for your skin. Our consultants will help you come to a decision that is best suitable for your conditions and your skin so you can strive outside without any insecurities. It is best to discuss with the specialist your needs and options available depending on your skin and hair type as safety comes first. Here at Vanish, we strive to give our clients optimal results and put our client’s safety first.

We use the latest technologies of the best companies for the greatest results. Like the FDA approved MicroPen EVO™ Advanced Micro-needling device, from Eclipse Med.

MicroPen EVO Advanced Microneedling

It is best to discuss with the specialist your needs and options available depending on your skin and hair type as safety comes first. Here at Vanish, we strive to give our clients optimal results and put our client’s safety first. And also we use the latest technology

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