Lip fillers in Markham Toronto

Vanish cosmetic Clinic is located in Toronto, Canada and offers all cosmetic services in the city.
The most important areas covered by the Vanish Clinic are Markham, Richmond Hill and Vaughan.
If you plan to use a dermal filler, you can read the general and detailed information on dermal filler in Richmond Hill.
In this article, we have specialized in lip filler and we have tried to be able to provide these services to the esteemed residents of Markham area in a centralized way.

Lip fillers in Markham Toronto

Lip augmentation in Markham Toronto

Lip fillers are becoming more popular as everyone wants to achieve the plumped lip look by adding more volume with the use of hyaluronic acid found naturally in the body. Lip fillers are also used to add symmetry, and fill in any areas to help even both sides, creating a more aesthetic approach.

There are different products used such as Juvéderm and Restylane, in which both are composed of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally found in the body for more natural results. The duration of how long lip fillers lasts depends on numerous factors such as the product used, as some are more costly due to a higher concentration of product, age, and person in general as some metabolize the product faster than others.

This procedure is done by the number of syringes being used, as someone who may want a more settled and natural look may get half a syringe, and someone who may want to add more volume, giving a plumped look may want a full syringe. Here at Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, we take importance in our client’s safety, as well as giving our clients natural results.

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 Average cost of lip fillers in vanish clinic

Lip fillers in Markham Toronto

Here at Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, we strive to provide our clients with high quality products to ensure optimal results, as well as natural results. We offer lip augmentation with the cost of one syringe being approximately $600. Lip augmentation is done usually with either half a syringe or one full syringe. Anything more than one full syringe may be too much, and the specialist has the right to refuse anything that goes against our client’s safety.

Lip lift VS lip fillers

There are many ways to achieve a more volumized look with the use of fillers and surgery. The most common option to help add volume into the lips to create a more plumped look is with the use of fillers composed of hyaluronic acid as this is a less invasive option opposed to undergoing surgery. This is a great option for someone who may want temporary results to see whether they are happy with it before doing anything permanent such as surgery. Fillers are not a permanent solution, as overtime the product will naturally be dissolved, in which touch ups are recommended in order to maintain the results. It is also less costly than undergoing surgery as it is just a minor injection in the treated area. There are certain products used for lip augmentation such as Restylane, Juvéderm as well as Stylage. The product being used depends on the clinic as some use different brands than others, as well as the injector.

Lip fillers in Markham Toronto

A more permanent solution in creating fuller lips is with the use of a lip lift. Opposed to filler that is a mild invasive procedure and is temporary, resulting in touch ups in order to help maintain the result, lip lift is a surgical procedure that is permanent. A lip lift is a procedure that shortens the distance between the nose and the top lip, increasing the amount of pink tissue that is visible in order to make the lips look fuller and more pronounced. This is a good option for someone who may want to add height to their lips rather than volume. Alip lift may be a good option for older people who want to reduce the space between their nose and upper lip as this increase with age overtime, making their lips look thinner. Someone who is younger may also undergo a lip lift in order to achieve fuller lips without the use of fillers as this may give a more unnatural result. Fillers are also not permanent and need touch ups every few months whereas a lip lift is permanent and will not need any touch ups. The cost of a lip lift depends on where you live as some laces are more expensive than others. On average, a lip lift costs around $2000-$5000 depending on the location and doctor.

Who is a good candidate for lip fillers Markham

Lip fillers are a versatile procedure that almost anyone can choose as an option. For someone who is pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended to wait as there is not enough research regarding whether this procedure is safe or not during this time. If someone who has health complications does choose to do filler, it is best to consult with the specialist first in order to make sure it is safe and the right option for you. Lip fillers are most commonly done to help add volume and promote fuller lips. They are also done to add symmetry as one side may be less full than the other side. Fillers are not a permanent solution in which touchups every 6-8 months are required in order to maintain the result. The duration of how long the filler lasts depends on the person as some metabolize and dissolve the product quicker than others.

Lip fillers in Markham Toronto

What is a best dermal fillers brands for lip enhancement?

There is no answer as to which product is better as there are different brands such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Stylage that are a couple most common products used for lip augmentation. These products are different in terms of the amount of concentration and ingredients used in them. All of these products have a common ingredient, hyaluronic acid, that are generally found in fillers to help add volume and fullness in the treated area. The most common brands used for lip filler is Restylane and Juvederm as these products are effective, safe, and used for similar purposes.

Lip fillers recovery and aftercare

After lip filler, it is important not to apply any product on the area such as makeup to prevent any infections as the areas in which the needle injected are open and bacteria can go inside, causing an infection. After the procedure, the specialist will put there own dressing on that is anti-bacterial in order to protect the area. It is also important to ice the area to help minimize any side effects as you may experience some swelling and bruising, which is normal. If swelling and bruising occur for more than a week, it is recommended to consult the injector in which they will help you further. Another thing to avoid after lip filler is using any straws in which the suction will interfere with the product as well as increase in discomfort. Lastly, it is important not to sleep on the effected area as the product has to settle. It is best to lye head up the night of the treatment to allow the product to set in place.

How filler do I need for my lips?

The amount of filler needed depends on the person based on if they have filler already in their lips, the size and shape, age, as well as the result they wish to have, as some may want more volume than others. Usually lip augmentation is used with either half a syringe or a full syringe as anything more is too much and may cause unnatural results. If too much product is injected, this will cause the product to migrate, creating lumps that may have to be dissolved. For someone who may want to add symmetry or some plumpness that is still natural may only do half a syringe and can later decide to add more. For someone who wants to add more volume and a more drastic change may choose one full syringe. During the treatment, the specialist will have a better idea based on your concerns and needs as to how much product should be used in order to be safe yet effective, giving natural results.

When will I see the result?

Results can be seen almost instantaneously after the procedure. In the beginning your lips will be swollen, making them appear more plumped in which it is best to wait till the swelling minimizes to see the actual result which is after a week. It is important to ice the area to help reduce the swelling and bruising that is normal after getting lip filler. This is caused from the injection as this is an invasive procedure.

How long lip filler last?

The duration of how long lip fillers last depends on the person as everyone is different. Some people may have a high metabolism, causing the product to dissolve faster, resulting in more touch ups. Exercising dissolves, the product faster as this increases your metabolism. Another factor that results in how long the product may last is based on age. For someone who is younger, they may hold the product longer than someone who is older and may require more touch ups. Lastly, another factor is the product being used as some products hold faster and are more highly concentrated, causing longer lasting results. These products may last long, but they are more costly than others, due to the ingredient concentration.