Soli-lite Therapy

What is Soli-lite therapy and How is Soli-lite done?

At Vanish, we offer a special treatment of Soli-lite therapy where different wavelengths of light target different tissues and cells causing various affects. Using low level light therapy, the yellow wavelength of 830 nm temporarily reduces muscle pain and injuries, reduces appearance of fine lines and redness and also aids in wound healing. The red wavelength of 633 nm promotes skin rejuvenation, skin elasticity and decreases pores size, while the blue wavelength of 415 nm treats skin imperfections such as mild, moderate, severe and cystic acne. It works by emitting monochromatic LED lights into your skin.

Why should you choose vanish clinic for your soli-lite therapy?

Although active acne can be a great hassle to some individuals but Vanish has this type of skin care device and many great products to treat your acne concerns. Soli-lite therapy is used as a post-care treatment after our other skincare services offered at vanish to have a deeper penetration and observing more significant results.

What result can you expect from soli lite therapy

You will notice results after a single treatment. The skin will look brighter, providing a glow touch to dull complexion. The aching and swollen areas will feel warmer, suppler and less painful. Moreover the complexion will look more vibrant and fresher due to the increased blood flow and tissue oxygenation. You will notice even more results after two to three days.

The Soli-Lite LED system is certified by the worldwide renowned testing organization TÜV in extreme conditions, demonstrating its safety. In addition, it is approved for sale by health authorities.