Laser Hair Removal Richmond Hill

laser hair removal richmond hill

Laser Hair Removal in Richmond Hill, Vaughn and Markham 

Shaving, waxing and sugaring are methods that are time consuming, bothersome and inefficient.

Here is an offer for you! Laser hair removal in Richmond Hill

Here in Richmond Hill, located near Vaughan and Markham, we offer one of the best laser hair removal treatments for legs, armpits, hands, and face offered at Vanish Cosmetic Clinic.

At Vanish Cosmetic and laser hair removal Clinic, we use our one of a kind laser hair removal devices the best one Across Richmond Hill ; Elite Cynosure and PicoSure, bringing amazing results within 4 sessions!

We use a technique that is truly pain free due to our cooling system that not only numbs but makes the experience is an enjoyable one.

Our unique cooling device shoots a wisp of cool gas onto the patient’s skin right before and during each pulse of laser.

The wisp of cool gas is gentle and can be focused with direct precision, hitting the surface of the skin exactly at the place of the laser beam.

Benefits of laser hair removal to consider

More and more people are betting on this option due to all the benefits it presents. Take note and choose this revolutionary method to end body hair:

What is laser hair removal and How does it work?

If you are tired of shaving, waxing and tweezing unwanted body or facial hair, feel free to book a consultation with Vanish to have your first laser hair removal treatment near you in markham,vaughan richmond hill

. The intention is to destroy hair follicles by emitting light energy without effecting the surrounded area. The cynosure laser hair removal device is suitable for all skin types weather you are tanned or not. The two available wavelengths of 755 nm (Alexander) and 1064 nm (ND: YAG) work for skin types of 1 to 3 and 4 to 6 accordingly. Out laser hair removal device comes with different hand peace sizes to target various body parts (larger spot size is optimal for a larger area to be hair-free). It is also possible to switch between the two wavelengths during a single treatment for a more noticeable result. Another positive aspect of Vanish’s laser hair removal cynosure device is the installed cooling system which aids in patient’s comfort by decreasing the pain.

How long is the downtime for laser hair removal?

At Vanish, our cynosure laser hair removal device has minimal downtime with a slight or almost no redness or bruising.This device is unique among Richmond Hill clinics!

. Our aestheticians will suggest you how many treatments you need based on the thickness or your hair and your skin color. If you have a darker skin type of 4 to 6, it is recommended to use ND:YAG wavelength which in turn takes more sessions to be hair-free compared to Alexander wavelength. Keep in mind that both wavelengths work in comparison to each other and both are very strong compared to other hair removal laser machines.

The Best Laser Hair Removal Clinic in Richmond Hill

1. Helps prevent skin infections

One of the most frequent skin infections is folliculitis. This consists of an inflammation of the hair follicle produced, generally, by bacteria or fungi. If left untreated in time it can lead to squamous ulcers, difficult to cure.

One of its causes derives from the use of blades during hair removal and the cuts and irritations that occur, leading to the proliferation of bacteria in the skin, penetrating through the hair shaft and affecting the hair follicle. With laser hair removal, this problem is over.

2. It is comfortable, safe and offers results

The results begin to be effective from the first session. The number of sessions is determined by the specialist, always depending on each case.

By not presenting side effects, it provides the patient with the security that he requires, in addition to comfort, since he does not need prior preparation, just follow the minimum indications recommended by the aesthetic doctor.

3. It is cost effective for the pocket

If we compare it with other depilatory methods such as wax or razors, in the long term laser hair removal turns out to be cheaper, since this technique only requires a few sessions and its effects are perpetual.

laser hair removal in Vaughn

4. Finish with cystic hairs

Cystic hairs usually occur after waxing or razor shaving. When encyst they can produce pilosebaceous cysts and even small keloids (hypertrophic scars), giving a hyperpigmented appearance. Over time, they can become infected, leading to folliculitis.

5. It is a painless treatment

Leaving behind hair removal with blades or through wax, which usually cause skin irritation and, in many cases, wounds, laser hair removal guarantees virtually complete deprivation of pain.

Thanks to current technology, any part of the body can be depilated with the tranquility of being able to continue, after a depilatory session, a normal life.vanish clinic Provides the latest laser hair removal technology in Richmond Hill

Laser underarm hair removal

6. Help produce collagen

Once all hair is removed from the epidermis, it maintains its shine. This also ensures that it remains elastic, favoring the production of collagen, suitable for maintaining young skin.

What mistreated both the epidermis, such as periodic hair removal, ceases to occur after laser hair removal and the constant removal of body hair.

7. The sessions are fast

Each depilatory session using the laser has an average duration of 45 minutes (in the case of full legs). The great advantage is that, compared to other types of hair removal, it saves time, since after a few sessions the hair does not appear again.

8. It is an aesthetic solution for many people

or those people who do not like to waste their time every day or week eliminating body hair, laser treatment becomes the best ally, providing the expected result. A smooth and smooth skin, free of all hair, that is the satisfactory result it provides.

Laser hair removal in richmond hill and markham and vaughan is the most demanded treatment by clients looking for a permanent hair removal solution without having to suffer the effects of traditional hair removal.

How does hair removal work, and why is it a popular treatment?

Laser hair removal is a procedure used for all skin types in which a concentrated beam of light (laser) is used on the surface of the skin in order to remove unwanted hair in that area. As the laser is emitted onto the skin and absorbed into the pigment, it is converted into heat, damaging the tube-shaped sacs within the hair follicles that produces hair. As a result, this inhibits hair growth, and delays future hair growth.

Although this treatment helps with inhibiting hair growth, it Is not permanent, and multiple treatments are needed. Laser hair removal is a most asked about treatment as it helps with numerous things such as decrease in shaving, ingrown hairs, rashes and bumps, and last’s longer then shaving or waxing.

Is it painful?

At Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, we use high quality devices to ensure painless and effective treatments for our clients. During hair laser removal, we use a cooling technique that is used by blowing cold air onto the surface of the skin, concentrating on the area that is being treated. This helps reduce pain, as well as minimizes irritation post treatment.

What are the additional benefits to laser hair removal?

  • safe for all skin types
  • no more razor bumps and rashes
  • reduces ingrown hairs
  • effective for both men and women
  • less hair means more confidence!

Where can laser hair removal be used on

Most common areas this treatment can be done on is legs, arms, armpits, bikini line, and upper lip. It is recommended that any area with tattoos may not be treated on.

Vanish Clinic has the most complete laser hair removal package among other Richmond Hill clinics.

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