Laser hair removal bikini Toronto

     Shaving and waxing are both time consuming and not as effective as they have to been done almost every other week. Not only is it not an effective treatment for a long period of time, but it may cause ingrown hairs, especially in the bikini area, which is a sensitive part to treat. Laser hair removal is a great solution for the bikini area as there are no ingrown hairs, after a few sessions there will be no new hair growth or at least a few months if not more, and effects last longer and leave the skin smooth.

     Laser hair removal is a procedure in which a concentrated light beam in the form of a laser uses heat to damage the hair follicle, inhibiting new hair growth. This treatment is not permanent as it requires maintenance, but results last longer then waxing or any other hair removal options. After doing  consistent sessions, maintenance will be once or twice a year to keep up the results.

    Laser hair removal is a great option for the bikini area as the skin is sensitive and at high risk of ingrown hairs, rashes, bumps, and any other types of skin irritation. With laser hair removal, the skin will be a bit irritated post-treatment, as it is normal for that to occur, but the overall results will leave your skin smooth, and with no irritation to the skin.

laser hair removal bikini richmond hill
laser hair removal bikini richmond hill

Can it be done on any color

     As technology is improving more and more, laser hair removal is becoming a more versatile treatment, making it an option for all skin types and different hair colors as certain colors are harder to treat on.

     Laser hair removal works best when there is a high contrast between the skin and hair pigment as the laser picks up on the melanin in the hair. For some wo has fair skin and dark hair is an ideal candidate as there is enough contrast for the laser to easily pick up on the hair follicle and proceed to damaging it in order to inhibit new growth.

For someone who has red, blonde, or grey hair, it is more difficult for the laser to pick up on these certain pigments.

How can I prep for my bikini laser hair removal?

     In order to gain optimal results, it is best to follow pre-care instructions following your appointment. It is best to avoid plucking, or waxing for at least 6 weeks. This allows the hair follicle to stay intact in which the procedure works by damaging the hair follicle to minimize new hair growth; therefore, it is important that the hair follicle is still intact. Shaving is still allowed but must be avoided 24 hours before your appointment.

   It is best to stay away from tanning beds, or sun tanning in general as the procedure can not be done on any skin that has a sun burn as adding laser will only damage the skin more, and results will not be as great. It is best if you are going to the beach, or exposed to any UV from the sun to wear sunscreen in order to protect your skin from getting burnt so that it is ready for your appointment.

How many sessions do I need?

laser hair removal bikini before and after
laser hair removal bikini before and after

     The number of sessions depend on the person, as each person is different. For some people, they may see results right away, and for others, it may take more time and sessions. The number of sessions needed depend on different factors such as skin and hair type, area being treated, and hair growth rate.

    For hair that is dark, the laser is able to easily distinguish between the skin and hair pigment, making it easier to target the hair follicle, resulting in fast results. For someone who may have light hair, it is more challenging for the laser to pick up on the pigment in the hair, resulting in longer results.

    The area that is being treated also depends on the duration of the procedure. For an area that is large, such as the back or full legs, may require more sessions as there is more surface area to cover. For an area that is small, such as upper lip, or under arms, may not require as many sessions.

    Another factor to consider is the rate of hair growth depending on the specific areas, as some areas grow hair faster than others. If an area has a higher growth rate, it may require more session, whereas an area with a lower growth rate may require may not require as many sessions.

What is the post care for laser hair removal for bikini area?

     After the treatment, it is normal to experience some itchiness and redness, as this caused from the laser. Swelling may also be a side effect, and will go down within time. After the procedure, cream will be applied on the treated areas to help minimize these side effects and decrease any discomfort. If there is any swelling or redness, ice may be applied to the area to help. Aloe vera may be an option for home care to help ease any discomfort.

     It is important to keep the area clean to avoid any infection, even though the procedure is a non-invasive treatment, if not taken care of properly, an infection can arise. When washing, it is best to avoid any fragrance products, such as scented body soap, as your skin is sensitive and can irritate the skin even further. Luke warm water and a non-fragrant or ant-bacterial soap may be recommended when washing the area.

    After laser hair removal, it is best to stay out of the sun and minimize sun exposure on the treated area for at least a week to prevent any sun burns from occurring. Post-treatment, your skin will be more sensitive and more prone to getting burnt from any UV rays. If a sun burn does occur, depending on how long till your next appointment, it may pro long the results as laser hair removal cannot be done on any skin that is burnt from UV rays.