What is a facial?

Skin care is definitely one of the most important topics in beauty. Today, there are a variety of treatments available at the skin and beauty centers to meet the needs of those who are looking for more professional services. On the other hand, some skin has complex problems such as chronic subcutaneous pustules, stains, scars and other problems. In this case, home care may not get the desired result.

Therefore, Facial is a very effective method and has many benefits for the skin, especially since it is unique to each individual skin and is tailored to the individual skin needs. A facial is a special type of treatment of the face that uses different skincare procedures such as creams, exfoliations, masks, enzymatic and chemical peels, and steamers.

During the consultation at Vanish, we suggest you the

How long is the downtime for facial?

There is no downtime for the facial skin care services offered here. You will immediately see the results after each treatment due to the most advanced technologies used. For a better and more significant results, more treatments are needed to have a beautiful and youthful skin.

How is the facial treatment done?

● The first thing is to take the aesthetic or therapeutic center for a facial diagnosis, this means that the cosmetologist or dermatologist will check your face and tell you what you need (coupled with your own concerns of course).

● Then, your face will be cleaned to give way to the application of the product, you can put on masks or use devices such as radiofrequency or laser, everything will depend on the type of facial.

● Usually this is accompanied by massages that help penetrate the product and in turn to muscle relaxation.

How is each facial treatment done at Vanish?

1) Acne facial: This is a 90-minute facial used to treat problematic skin due to active acne, residual marks and impurities while soothing the skin on a daily basis.

2) Excellage facial: This is a 90-minute treatment suitable for mature skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles using biomimetic peptide. The result is that the skin is soothed and velvety to the touch due to skin regeneration and enough nourishment.

3) Qi beauty facial: At vanish, a unique type of facial named Qi beauty is offered for those who are looking for an instant lift and oxygenation during aging process. This treatment is done in 90 minutes through static magnetic fields by reducing the appearance of pigmentation, open pores, broken capillaries and dehydrated skin, specific for brides and grooms.

4) Esthe-white facial: This type of 90-minute facial is used to treat skin conditions such as dark spots, melasma and pigmentation by moisturizing and protecting against external aggressive factors. The result is a brighter, evened out, protected and young-looking skin.

5) Luxury Vanicial: Vanish cosmetic clinic combines few different facials and procedures to have the luxurious affect on your skin through a 90 min process.

6) Basic facial: During this basic 30-minute facial treatment, appropriate products are used to achieve a fresh look.

7) Gold therapy facial This type of 90-minute skincare treatment is suitable for detoxification, brightening, firming, lifting and anti-aging. It helps the skin elasticity, moisturizes and removes any impurities. At vanish, we apply 24k gold foils on your skin with a hydrating cream and a gold peel of mask.

8) Hydration facial: This facial skincare procedure lasts about 60 minutes while using the steamer device and hyaluronic cream, serum and mask, Vitamin C and advanced B5+ complex gel for a deeper penetration while hydrating and moisturizing your skin.