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Is laser hair removal permanent?

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Is laser hair removal permanent, and is it safe?

Definitive hair removal is currently the most effective method to eliminate unwanted hair, since in addition to its good results it improves the appearance of the skin, especially those areas with shadow of hairs or notorious follicles.
But what should be taken into account when undergoing this method?
"The first thing a patient should know about permanent hair removal is that it hurts. When the hair follicle is heated by the chosen methods, be it Pulsed Light, SHR, heating methods such as Soprano, there is a point at which the bulb it warms more than the skin. The accumulated heat is the one that destroys the bulb; otherwise, the bulb is not destroyed. That heat bothers and hurts, depending on the sensitivity of the patient. But it hurts; if not, it does not depilate "
How definitive is this type of hair removal? It lasts forever?

In some cases it can last more than 10 years or in others, a lifetime.

Is it done only with laser? With which? What is pulsed light and how do they differ?
It is also done with pulsed light. The difference is in the type of light they emit. The laser is monochromatic, specific, in a single wavelength. This makes it very specific. In the pulsed light the spectrum of light is that of white light, which passes through a prism and disintegrates into the seven colors of the rainbow. When it emits light it does so fundamentally in a wavelength, but also in smaller quantities, other colors of the spectrum pass, which makes it not so specific.
What about the white hairs (gray hair) that maybe come out to a woman over 40 years in the chin? Can they be removed, even if they have no color?

No, they cannot be removed with any laser or pulsed light because these methods are color selective thermolysis. White hairs can be removed simultaneously with a needle, by electrolysis, one by one. No matter the method, all hairs can be eradicated. This is also valid for blond hairs.

What precautions should be taken before each session?
It is convenient that in front of each session, the patient arrives having been shaved with a razor or depilatory cream (methods of non-tearing), to have the largest number of hair follicles. They don't have to be seen, just be present in the follicle. It has to be with the skin of natural color, without having tanned. Current methods - by progressive heating - allow shaving darker skin. Between sessions, you should pay attention to these same tips, especially that the hair is removed by methods that do not start.
What are the advantages of hair removal?

-Permanent hair removal serves to eliminate unwanted hair and also improves the appearance of the skin, especially that with shadow of hairs or notorious follicles. All this disappears and leaves a clean and smooth skin.

- Any type of granite and / or folliculitis (ingrown hairs) is permanently removed with laser hair removal.

- In a few sessions you can remove the hair permanently, leaving out the hair removal in a hurry before the holidays or complications with the wax.

- Improves dark spots caused by frequent waxing.

- It avoids the rough texture in the skin that causes the use of other depilatory methods, such as plucking with electric epilator.

- The improvement of the treated area is seen after a few sessions, therefore the prolixity is an early and lasting benefit.

- Gives the freedom to undress the legs or other areas at any time.

- The cost is cheaper than the sum of all hair removal in a woman's life.

- Prevents the appearance of varicose or spills by frequent use of hot wax.

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