Do and don’t after laser tattoo removal

What can I expect after laser tattoo removal?

What can I expect after laser tattoo removal

After laser tattoo removal, because it has been exposed to laser, your skin will be more sensitive, causing some irritation to the skin in which you may experience mild pain, redness as well as peeling which is completely normal and is part of the healing process. Some clients compare the feeling after doing the treatment as if they got a sun burn, or have been out in the sun for a long period of time. It is important to follow post-care instructions given by the specialist in order to allow proper healing and optimal results. It is also important to apply cream that the specialist will recommend as you skin needs hydration post treatment. You may experience some peeling in the affected area which is normal due to the skin lifting and removing the surface layer of the skin as part of the healing process. That is why it is important to keep the skin hydrated by adding moisture back into the skin.

What can I put on my tattoo after laser removal?

After getting laser tattoo removal, the specialist will apply a dressing on top of the treated area such as Aquaphor to help with the healing process as well as reduce any infection as the skin is sensitive right after. After the dressing is applied onto the area, the specialist will apply gauze using tape to prevent any clothing from rubbing onto the area as well as covering it for any other reason.  If you are feeling any discomfort post-treatment, you can apply an ice pack on the effected area to help reduce the swelling, and burning which are two common side effects after laser tattoo removal.

How to heal faster after laser tattoo removal

How to heal faster after laser tattoo removal

After getting the laser tattoo removal, it is important to follow all post-care instructions given by the specialist in order for proper healing and results. It is important after laser tattoo removal to no touch, scratch or rub the affected area as your skin is sensitive and allow the skin to peel naturally. It is also very important to keep the area out of the sun to avoid sun exposure or burning. If at any time you need to go out, it is strongly recommended to apply sunscreen to the affected area. After the treatment, it is important not to apply any product, other then the one given and recommended by the specialist to apply onto in order to keep the treated area hydrated for better healing.

How long does it take for a tattoo to fade after laser removal?

How long does it take for a tattoo to fade after laser removal

There is not guarantee time limit as to when the tattoo will fade as there are many factors that determine as to how long you will see the result. For example, the amount of pigmentation in the skin determines if there is a lot of pigment in the skin in which this will require more sessions. It also depends on the color of the tattoo as certain colors are harder to remove such as red and green whereas other colors are easier to remove such as black and may not need as many sessions.  The size of the tattoo also determines how quickly the tattoo will fade in which having a big tattoo will require more sessions than a smaller one. Every client is different based on there skin type as well as the factors mentioned.

Do and don’t after laser tattoo removal

How long do I have to wait for my next session?

It is recommended to wait at least 6-8 weeks till the next session to allow your skin to heal from the previous treatment. It is unsafe to do the treatment on the affected area anytime before that as you skin is sensitive and needs time to fully heal before undergoing laser again. The specialist will evaluate the results from the last session and see if it is safe to proceed with the treatment or wait further in order for proper healing as well as optimal results. On average, by the sixth week, clients are able to do their next session as this has given enough downtime for their skin to heal.