Best nose filler Toronto Richmond hill

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Best nose filler Toronto Richmond hill

Dermal Filler in Richmond Hill is the most important cosmetic clinic service and you can see the details on its page.

With 7 minutes to spare, you can get everything you need to know before using a nose filler.

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Which filler is best for nose?

nose filler in Richmond hill

There are many different types of fillers nowadays but not every product is suitable depending on the location that is being treated. The most common filler that is used for the nose area is Juvederm as well as Restylane.

Restylane is often used for the non-rhinoplasty procedure as it tends to hold its shape more than other hyaluronic acid base fillers, which is beneficial when enhancing and making slight changes the nose structure.

Other products such as Juvederm tend to expand after the injection and may not be suitable for the non-rhinoplasty treatment. This product may beneficial for other location such as cheek, chin, and lip filler as the purpose is to add volume into these areas.

How much does nose filler cost in Toronto

Best nose filler Richmond hill

Depending on how much filler is needed, the price may vary depending on your needs and what results you wish to get.

For someone who has never undergone a non-rhinoplasty procedure, they may require more filler as to someone who has already done this procedure, and already has some leftover filler, may require less.

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It also depends on the outcome and results you wish you have, whether you want to fill the top part of the nose to give a straighter, and more defined nose, or if you want to help lift the tip of the nose.

Another factor that determines the cost is the type of product being used as some products are more expensive than others.

Some products are thicker in consistency and tend to carry more volume than others, while others last longer and require less touchups.

On average, non-rhinoplasty procedures cost around $700-$800 depending on the clinic and specialist ding the procedure.

Non-surgical nose job vanish clinic

Non-surgical nose job

Here at Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, we believe in providing quality services with using quality products. We offer many services that include botox and filler such as lip augmentation, cheek and chin filler as well as non-surgical rhinoplasty.

During a non-surgical rhinoplasty, we use filler as well as botox to help enhance, add definition as well as create a more symmetrical nose suitable to your face.

We use only the top products in the industry such as Juvederm, Restylane as well as Botox® in order to provide effective results.

We have a well-trained and highly experienced specialist that does this treatment, in which they combine both botox and filler to help achieve optimal results.

Who is a good candidate for nose filler or non-surgical rhinoplasty?

nose filler before and after

A good candidate to do the non-surgical rhinoplasty is for someone who may want to make changes to their nose, whether it be the shape or definition.

This is also suitable for someone who may want temporary results to see the outcome before undergoing something permanent such as surgery.

The non-surgical nose job lasts between 6-8 months as it depends on how long your body takes to dissolve the product.

Nose filler VS cosmetic nose surgery

There are numerous options for someone who may want to change and make some adjustments to their nose.

The most common procedures are undergoing surgery or using filler and botox. The difference between the two are pricing, how long the results last for, as well as the procedure itself.

For someone who wants permanent results and a drastic change may undergo surgery, and for someone who may want temporary results, filler and botox will be the best option.

Filler and botox only last for a short amount of time such as 6-8 months depending on how much you body dissolves the product in which touch ups are required after in order to keep up with the results.

In terms of pricing, botox and filler for each treatment ranges from $700-$800 depending on how much and which product is being used. Filler and Botox would be a good option for someone who may not want to spend so much.

On the other hand, rhinoplasty surgery is more costly than filler and botox costing on average $8000-$10,000.

How does it work?

The non-surgical rhinoplasty works by injecting with a needle the product that consists of hyaluronic acid into the area that is being treated.

The specialist is trained to knowing which areas to inject in order to get the proper and effective results.

For someone who wants a straighter nose, filler will be injected at the bridge of the nose in order to even and straighten the nose.

Another technique is lifting the nose by injecting botox at the tip of the nose, which allows the muscle to relax, allowing the nose to be lifted slightly.

The result may vary person to person, depending on how strong the muscle is and how the person reacts to it.

How long does nose filler take?

nose filler in Toronto

The process itself takes around 20-30 minutes. First, a consultation will be done to discuss and determine your concerns, and what results you’d like to achieve.

After doing so, the specialist will first clean and disinfect the area in order to prevent any infections. The procedure will then begin by injecting the product into specific areas in order to achieve the results as discussed during the consultation.

After, the specialist will apply a cream to avoid any infection as well as an icepack to help reduce and bruising or swelling. It is important to follow the post care instructions the specialist will give in order for proper healing and to get the most out of the results.

How long will it last?

The duration of how long botox and filler lasts varies on the person, and how slow or fast their body dissolves the product. It also depends on the product being used as some product is thicker and more concentrated, making is last longer while others are less concentrated and thinner, allowing it to be dissolved easier and quicker.

Another factor that determines how long it will last depends whether they are active or not. For someone who is highly active and participating in exercise, their body metabolizes, causing the product to be dissolved quicker. On average, filler and botox lasts between 6-8 months, and require touch ups to keep up with the results if chosen to.

After care of nose filler

Best nose filler in Toronto Richmond hill

After getting a non-surgical rhinoplasty, it is important to follow all post-care instructions given by the specialist. It is important to ice the treated area right after the procedure in order to reduce any swelling, bruising or redness.

It is normal for someone who takes blood thinner medication, such as aspirin, it may result in more bruising and redness which is normal. If after a week you are experiencing any discomfort, it is advised to speak to the specialist in which they will recommend any further instructions.

It is also important to sleep facing upwards and avoid sleeping on your face post treatment for up to three days in order to allow the product to set. Avoid touching the effected area 6 hours post treatment, and when washing your face to do it gently.

Lastly, it is recommended toa void wearing sunglasses as this may indent from the pressure of the glasses. If glasses are needed such as reading glasses or everyday wear glasses, it is advised to not wear them too tight, and when they are not needed avoid wearing them.