The best Richmond Hill Clinic for laser hair removal

Why Vanish Cosmetic Clinic is the best for laser hair removal

     Here at Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, we take pride in our services especially laser hair removal and only offer top quality services to our clients by using the most updated technology in order to achieve fast and effective results.

One of our most asked services we offer is laser hair removal. This is a popular recommendation in our clinic as we use a special technology in which the procedure is done fast and effectively, as well as minimizes the discomfort throughout the procedure.

We also accommodate our clients, and give reasonable prices for our services in order to make sure we keep our clients happy and satisfied.

Laser hair removal is a procedure that is done all year round to help get rid of unwanted hair without having to constantly use other hair removal methods such as waxing, shaving, or plucking.

It is also done to minimize ingrown hairs, rashes, bumps, as well as redness.

best hair removal clinic richmond hill
best hair removal clinic richmond hill

What device do we use at Vanish Cosmetic Clinic and what are the advantages?

At Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, we only use top quality technology to achieve fast and optimal results to keep our clients satisfied. We offer laser hair removal using one of the best and up to date devices called Elite Cynosure.

How this device is used is by using energy to target and destroy hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin in order to enable future hair growth for a period of time. During this procedure, we also a technique that helps minimize any discomfort during the process by using our cooling system that not only numbs but makes the experience an enjoyable one.

Our unique cooling device shoots a wisp of cool gas onto the patient’s skin right before and during each pulse of the laser.

The wisp of cool gas is gentle and can be focused with direct precision, hitting the surface of the skin exactly at the place of the laser beam.

The advantages of these devices are that not only it minimizes discomfort as well as any post-treatment side effects such as redness and mild irritation, but it also achieves fast results, limiting the number of sessions needed.

What are the competitive advantages of Vanish over other clinics in Richmond Hill?

At Vanish Cosmetic Clinic, we strive to make our clients our top priority, delivering high-quality services, and helping our clients achieve optimal results in the safest way.