Best laser hair removal dark skin Toronto

Laser hair removal has become more and more popular in today’s cosmetic industry and has gained a number of different clients. With a higher cliental also means there are numerous skin types to take in consideration and accommodate when doing the treatment.

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Best laser hair removal dark skin Toronto

Laser hair removal works by having a concentrated light in the form of a laser that is emitted, destroying the hair follicle and preventing further hair growth. During the procedure, the laser is absorbed by the pigment also knows as melanin that is found in the hair. The light that is emitted is converted into heat, damaging the hair follicle inhibiting future hair growth.

    Due to the laser targeting the pigment of the hair, it is more difficult for the laser to distinguish between the hair and skin. It is the contrast between the dark hair and light skin that helps to laser to focus on the hair follicle. The ideal candidate before new technology improved, making it available to all skin and hair types is dark hair pigment and fair skin, this way there is a higher contra and can be easily focused. It is also harder for someone who is fair with light pigmented hair as the contrast is not visible enough.

    For that reason, laser hair removal for both dark skin as well as light hair has been an issue with technology and has been improving to accommodate all skin and hair types.

How should I prepare for laser hair removal treatment?

laser hair removal treatment

It is important to follow pretreatment instructions as much as post treatment instructions to make sure you get optimal results after the procedure. It is recommended to stop using any skin care products with a high acid concentration for at least a week as these can make your skin more sensitive.

It is also recommended to stay out of the sun, as this will also increase sensitivity and having a sun burn during any type of laser is avoided as this will damage the skin.

It is also recommended to shave a couple days before coming to the appointment the areas that is being treated so the laser is able to focus on the hair follicle.

On the day of the appointment, it is best to avoid any moisturizers or makeup on the area being treated as the treatment must be done on clean, no product, skin.

What are the risks for laser hair removal on dark skin?

laser hair removal on dark skin

      Treating on dark skin is more complicated as there is less contrast between the hair and skin pigment. Depending on the device, as some are more advanced than others as technology is always improving, there may be risks to take in consideration when doing laser hair removal. Some risks post-treatment that may occur depending on different factors such as your skin, and the device being used may be hyperpigmentation, dark spots, or hypopigmentation in which part of the skin gets lighter.

      It is best to choose the right specialist, with the right device in order to make sure risks that can occur are minimized for optimal and safe results. It is also recommended before doing a large area to first start off by doing a test patch, in which only a small area will be treated in order to see how to skin reacts to the laser as each skin type is different.

What can I expect after laser hair removal?

after laser hair removal

     When doing laser hair removal on dark skin, there may be an increase in side effects due to an increase in sensitivity due to their skin type. Before undergoing the full treatment, it is best to start off on a small area to check and see how the skin reacts to the treatment and if it is suitable for the client.

After doing laser hair removal, you may notice some redness and mild swelling for the first few hours after doing the treatment. To help reduce any discomfort you may experience, you can apply ice or any other type of cold compression to the area to help minimize these side effects. The specialist will apply a topical cream that will also help with the discomfort as well as any hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation. The specialists may also recommend a specific topical cream mainly for dark spots that may occur post-treatment.

    It is important to avoid any sun exposure to the treated area after the treatment as your skin is in a sensitive state and must avoid any further burns from the sun or increase the possibility of hyperpigmentation to occur. If you do need to go out, it is recommended to apply SPF broad spectrum to avoid getting a sun burn or a possibility of dark spots to occur.

What is the cost of laser hair removal?

     There are numerous factors that come into play when determining the cost of laser hair removal. Some of the factors include which clinic you go to, the areas you would like to have the procedure done, hair growth rate, skin and hair type as well as the device being used as some are more expensive than others.

     For someone with darker skin may require more sessions as their skin is highly sensitive to this procedure, and may also take more sessions as the contrast is not visible enough for the laser to focus on the hair follicle as much. This can increase the price as most clinics charge session by session or have packages for people who want to do the procedure consistently.

     The sessions have to be done after a few weeks in order for the skin to heal and be prepped for the next session, in which the duration of the treatment may be prolonged as well.

    It is best to discuss with the specialist your needs and options available depending on your skin and hair type as safety comes first. Here at Vanish we not only strive to give our clients optimal results but also put our client’s safety first.