What is the Best Age to Have Botox Treatment?

As we age, our skin begins to lose its elasticity and volume, causing the skin to be thin, resulting in wrinkles and fine lines.

There are many ways to help reduce as well as prevent this from happening with the use of proper skincare, reducing sun exposure which is one of the main causes for early ageing, diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as fillers and Botox.

What is the Best Age to Have Botox Treatment

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People begin to start using Botox as an option when they find their skin losing its plumpness, and want to rejuvenate their skin creating a more youthful appearance by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

Botox is an invasive treatment as a needle is inserted into the skin in order to inject the product into specific areas to be treated and may not be suitable for everyone who does not want to undergo something invasive and may prefer skin products as a better option.

Can I stop Botox?

Can I stop Botox

Botox is a procedure in which it is not permanent, and will dissolve overtime as your body naturally dissolves the product. Unlike filler that can be dissolved easily if you wish to, botox cannot be dissolved once it is injected into the muscle, causing it to relax, in which you would have to wait 3-4 months for the product to wear off.

If you do stop doing botox overtime, the product will fully dissolve, leaving behind no residue, allowing the results to diminish. If someone is happy with their results, and wants to maintain it, they should not discontinue doing botox, but instead do touchups after every 6 months to keep injecting the product into the muscle in order to maintain the result. Overall, the client can stop botox at any time if they wish to by not doing any future touchups, and wait 3-4 months until the product dissolves fully.

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What helps botox last longer?

Do I still need it after the effect wears off

Do I still need it after the Botox effect wears off?

Botox is not a permanent procedure and does need to be maintained through touchups after 6 months in order to maintain the result if you wish to do so. Every person is different as to how long the Botox lasts, as someone may have a stronger muscle and may require more touchups or even the number of units needed.

It also depends on how active the person is as this results in an increase in metabolism, causing the product to dissolve faster. For someone who is satisfied with their results and want to keep up with it, they are required to go for touchups to re-inject the product into the muscle to keep it relaxed, resulting in smooth lines and wrinkles.

If someone does not want to continue doing botox, they can simply stop doing touchups and wait for the product to naturally dissolve after 3-4 months depending on the person.

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How many times a year should I renew Botox?

How many times a year should I renew

It is recommended to get botox touch ups after every 4 months from your initial treatment. Every person is different as to how often touch ups are needed as certain factors determine the amount such as age, the persons facial muscles, lifestyle and diet, as well as sun exposure.

how old are you? Is your age a candidate for Botox?

What is the Best Age to Have Botox Treatment?

For someone who does strenuous exercise a lot, this increases their metabolism causing the product to dissolve quicker. In this case they may require more touch ups within a shorter amount of time. It also determines on age, as someone who is older and may have more wrinkles and fine lines may require more touch ups.

It is important not to schedule too early from your initial appointment as this will cause too much product, resulting in a less natural result which many try to avoid. The specialist will know based on your circumstances as to how often touch ups are needed.

Can I remove Botox instantly if I am not happy with the results?

Can I remove Botox instantly if I am not happy with the results

Unlike filler botox cannot be removed instantaneously and requires a long duration inorder for the product to dissolve and wear off naturally. Dermal fillers can be removed easier and faster by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase that helps dissolve the product composed of hyaluronic acid in which it can minimize the amount of product within days. For someone who may not want botox that has undergone the treatment, unfortunately there is no product that can be injected to inhibit the product and will have to wait 3-4 months in which your body will naturally dissolve it. There are different ways that may help speed up the dissolving process, helping to diminish the product faster such as increasing exercise as this increases your metabolism, causing your body to metabolize and dissolve the product faster.

Have you thought about Botox? How do you know it is not a better option?

How do I know if I need fillers or Botox?

Is it possible to get too much Botox?

Is it possible to get too much Botox

It is possible in which someone may have gotten too much botox, resulting in symptoms such as a droopy eye due to the muscle around that have relaxed too much. That is why it is important to choose the specialist that is well trained and experienced to avoid these symptoms from having too much product put in or even the way the injector injects as technique is also important.

During the procedure, the specialist that has been trained will take in consideration certain factors such as age, facial anatomy, whether you already have product or not ect and determine how many units are needed and the effects if you wish to add more. It is important that the specialist undergoing this procedure follows safety protocols in order to prevent any abnormal side effects that may be caused from the amount of product and how the product is injected.

After getting botox, it does take roughly 2 weeks for the product to set, in which you will see the results. If you do wish to add more as you are not satisfied after waiting two weeks, it is best to talk to the specialist in which they will say if you need more, and may add a few more units, or if it will be too much for you.