Acupuncture. Is it right for me?

Acupuncture, good or bad?

What is an Acupuncture treatment? Is it right for me?

Acupuncture is a treatment where small, thin needles are penetrated through the skin at strategic points on the body, which then is activated through gentle and specific movements of the practitioner’s hands. Acupuncture is part of ancient Traditional Chinese medicine. It is commonly used to treat pain, but it is now used for overall wellness, including stress management. In Traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture was a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force, which is known as chi or qi to flow through the pathways in your body. Therefore, when these needles are inserted into the body at their specific points, they believe it will allow the energy flow in your body to re-balance. In more modern times, acupuncture points are places to simulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue, which then boosts the body’s natural painkillers.

Why acupuncture treatment is done?

The central nervous system is said to be stimulated by acupuncture sites. Chemicals are then released into the muscles, spinal cord, and brain as a result. These metabolic alterations may activate the body’s inherent capacity for healing and foster both physical and psychological well-being. Acupuncture, as stated above, is known to increase the number of natural painkillers however, there are other reasons why it is used.

It is mostly used to relieve the discomfort of a series of conditions and diseases. Some of these conditions include headaches including migraines and tension headaches, neck pain, menstrual cramps, respiratory disorders for example allergic rhinitis, tennis elbow, labour pain, dental pain, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Chemotherapy including postoperative nausea and vomiting, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Asthma and sometimes also even help with stroke rehabilitation. However, these above might all be that can be done for the physical effects of acupuncture, but acupuncture has several effects and benefits and can treat even emotional problems.

What are the benefits of acupuncture treatment?

As you know, there are always several benefits to every treatment. In acupuncture treatment, there are several benefits but also effects that you need to be aware of before even considering the treatment. These benefits also differ depending on the position where the needles are placed. In the digestive area, some of the physical benefits include Gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome, hepatitis, and hemorrhoids. While the emotional benefits are the ease of anxiety, depression, insomnia, nervousness, and neurosis. While in the ear-eye-and-throat area, it can treat Rhinitis, Sinusitis, Sore throat and menstrual pain. In the musculoskeletal area, some benefits are the treatment of arthritis, Back pain, muscle cramping, muscle pain and weakness, neck pain, sciatica, headaches, migraines and the slowing down of Parkinson’s disease.

What are the risks of acupuncture treatment?

As you know there are always different risks to every treatment, however, most of these risks can be avoided if you have a licensed acupuncture practitioner. The risks also decrease. However, some of the risks that could happen non the less are the risk of minor bleeding or bruising and soreness where the needles were placed.

If you are worried about the risk of infection that should not be a big concern for you as in Vanish Cosmetic clinic, we use single-use, disposable needles which lower the risk of infection drastically. However, something that you have to be aware of is that acupuncture is not a good choice for everyone, especially if you have a bleeding disorder, have a pacemaker, or that you are pregnant. Acupuncture in some points can simulate labour, which causes premature delivery, which is why it is not recommended. If you have any of these conditions, you could tell your practitioner before undergoing the treatment so that they could advise you against it.

What can you expect during the acupuncture treatment?

There is a procedure that the practitioner needs to do before starting the treatment. Although each person that performs the procedure has different ways and methods to do the procedure however, you should be aware that they might ask you about your symptoms, lifestyle and behavior’s to choose the right treatment for you. They also might examine the parts of your body where it might be painful, the colour of your face, the strength, rhythm and quality of your pulse in your wrists and lastly the shape and colour of your tongue to get more information about your body so that they could give you the best course of action.

Even while some appointments are significantly less than that, an acupuncture treatment may last up to 60 minutes. One or two sessions per week would be reasonable for a therapy schedule for a specific issue. Depending on the ailment being treated and how severe it is, the number of treatments will vary. Typically, patients receive 6 to 8 sessions.

How do you know if you are suited for acupuncture treatment?

As you know not everyone is suited for acupuncture treatments. Sometimes it could also be harmful to the recipient. One way to be sure that the treatment is safe for you is to consult with your doctor. You should speak with your doctor about all other options and the medications that you are taking and any other conditions you have to be sure that you are not at risk when receiving acupuncture. Even after you have gotten the safe from your doctor, it is important to find a licensed acupuncture practitioner to make sure they know what they are doing.

Discuss acupuncture with your doctor first. Acupuncture is not for everyone. Discuss all the treatments and medicines (dietary supplements, prescription and over-the-counter) you are taking. If you have a pacemaker, are at risk for infection, have chronic skin problems, are pregnant, or have breast or other implants, be sure to tell your doctor. Acupuncture may be risky to your health if you fail to mention these matters. It is essential for you to also be aware that the diagnosis that the practitioner gives you is not certain and should be consulted with a proper doctor or professional.

At Vanish Cosmetics, we provide you with a licensed acupuncture practitioner, which gives you the best treatment and experience you could have. It is our motto at Vanish that we strive to give you the best experience you can get. If you are not sure if it is the right treatment for you at Vanish, you can have a consultation with the practitioner to explain the procedures and explain treatment to you.  Here at Vanish, we strive to give our clients optimal results and put our client’s safety first. 

You can book your consultation by calling 905- 597- 6474 or emailing us at or you can come to visit us at 9201 Yonge St. Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 1H9.