Acne Scar Revision

Acne Scar Revision
What is acne scar revision laser treatment?

Acne Scar Revision is Another advantage of our Pico sure device is being able to treat within a shorter period of recovery compared to other clinics. The laser beam of this device penetrates deep into your skin for further healing and thus more collagen production. This process is taken place through a cell signaling process done by our own immune system. While the treated area is targeted with the rapid laser beam and destroying those skin acne cells, certain proteins are released causing the healing process. Vanish offers this acne removal treatment with the combination of other techniques and products to achieve the optimal result.

Acne Scar
How long is the downtime for acne scar revision treatment?

Picosure is designed in such a way that instead of using heat energy to destroy unwanted acne cells, it uses gentle pressure through the laser beams to target the area. Thus, there is almost no downtime with minimal redness and pain. Our aestheticians will inform you about the number of treatments you will be needing based on your acne scar condition, the age of the scar and how deep it is penetrated your skin.

If you are 40 to 50 years old, you can be 10 years younger! click

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