Basic Medical Injector for Botox Certificate

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Basic Medical Injector for Botox Certificate

Course Description

This course is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of Botox, different types of formulations and their ingredients, and includes a theory exam in the end of the course. This course is a pre-requisite course for the Advanced Medical Injector Botox course.

Entry Requirements

Must be an active licensed medical professional such as a nurse or physician

Course Designed For:

·      Nurses (RPN, RN, NP)

·      Doctors

Outcome After Completing the Course:

·      Certified in understanding and learning the basics of botox

·      An addition to the workplace in providing different types of treatments to accommodate different skin concerns

·      First stepping stone in expanding your business

·      More knowledgeable in performing dermal filers in order to perform with expertise

·      Develops and builds skills to become more versatile in the aesthetics industry


Number of Hours that Must Be Completed: 9

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